The ZebraPoints LivingSocial Daily Deal offers the choice of 3 services.

Please call us at 360-695-3137 to redeem your voucher and schedule your appointment. Please enter your preferences here if you would like to customize your session. Go ahead, take control of your session and learn more about your options. Your preferences will be made available to the practitioner at the time of the service to guide the session.

This page contains detailed information, instructions and links to all aspects of the promotion for clients who will be redeeming their LivingSocial vouchers for ZebraPoints services. ZebraPoints is being featured by LivingSocial Daily Deal in Portland Eastside/Vancouver, WA.

The services offered by ZebraPoints are innovative bodywork therapies developed for an American audience and health care system, and are not attempts to recreate traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage therapy. Descriptions of these therapies can be found on Karma’s Betterfly site. Advances like the substitution of medical laser for traditional needles, or the mind-body approaches used in ZebraPoints’ ZebraTalk symptomwork, 3A-p therapy for the relief of severe stress, or Bio-flow Bodywork are creative innovations within the field of Asian medicine and bodywork.

ZebraPoints is the solo practice of Karma Lhundup, East Asian Medicine Practitioner. Karma offers three types of services at the ZebraPoints Laser-Acupuncture Headache Clinic, Laser-Acupuncture, 3A-p Therapy, and Bio-flow Bodywork. 3A-p Therapy is a singular laser-acupuncture protocol for treating severe stress, and Bio-Flow Bodywork is designed to release myofascial tension and restore natural movement. ZebraPoints offers Symptomwork as well as maintenance and prevention sessions, including Health Coaching, Laser-Acupuncture Headache Symptomwork, 3A-p Therapy, and Bio-Flow Bodywork. Learn more about ZebraPoints services on Karma’s Betterfly site. Laser-Acupuncture is acupuncture using a medical, low-level laser instead of needles. Karma is licensed in Washington and Oregon as an East Asian Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist.

What if you could get this kind of care on a regular basis? Maybe you can. You may already be covered for ZebraPoints services. We offer Free next day insurance verification for acupuncture benefits. Do you have health insurance? Or, if you have been in a motor vehicle accident you may be covered by your car insurance. You do not need a referral for your treatments to be covered. Check Your Benefits.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 360-695-3137.

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