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Think Big, Then Think Deeper!

Last week I posted 3 shortcuts to better health and greater happiness in 2013, the first one was “Think Big”. Being connected to our greatest ambitions and highest perspective is not easy and not always recommended if we are trying to stay grounded. When we are looking for answers we often look up, the heavens have often been a source of inspiration. Historically, over the course of our evolution, the stars have been guides for travel and for marking the progress of time with the creation of the calendar. In fact, some historians speculate that this orientation is what allowed for the development of agriculture in the ancient world.

In this day and age thinking bigger often includes contemplating something right under our noses, the ground. Many symptoms exhibit qualities of the ground or the earth, and function to draw our attention down and deeper. Looking deeper into things is not always a well-trained approach in our usual, Western, extroverted, heavenly-oriented attitude. However, looking deeper can yield unusual results quickly, if you know how to do it.

Thankfully, we have great teachers who have blazed the trail for us. We have to thank the field of psychology and Sigmund Freud for the idea of the unconscious, Carl Jung for developing dream analysis, and Arnold Mindell for his post-Jungian, process-oriented insight. Asian medicine is a veteran of inward contemplation, using it to produce the acupuncture map of the body and draw the inner landscape for effective interventions along invisible lines of force, or acupuncture meridians, charting the course of our instinctual, emotional, mental, and spiritual  impulses.

So, in thinking bigger, let’s not forget to think deeper! Approaching your health in this way requires some education, which is why I have been working hard to re-imagine the way health care can be delivered. I have come up with a coaching style which provides regular support over the phone. That’s thinking big! Check it out here.


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Welcoming Conflict


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Asian Medicine and Aikido video series intro

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