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Top 3 Shortcuts to Better Health and Happiness in 2013 (Save Time and Money too!), and One Bonus Tip

How much time and money does poor health waste? A lot, right?! And trying to improve your health is not necessarily as simple as you might think, there are so many contradictory suggestions and so many details and points of view that it can be discouraging, to say the least. So, here are my Top 3 shortcuts to better health in 2013:

  1. Think Big: Studies show that your perspective can change how you experience pain, for example. People who feel that their pain is pointless report higher levels of pain, on a pain scale, than those who don’t. Thinking bigger about your life often reveals ways in which your pain is meaningful and you are on a heroic path. Your life has purpose, find it and it will improve your health!
  2. Express Yourself: One of the biggest obstacles to self-expression that I find amongst my clients is the attitude that since self-expression will probably not change the person’s mind with whom there is conflict, then there is no point in doing it. Wrong. Self-expression is relieving in-and-of-itself, regardless how anyone else responds. One study shows how people who shouted swear-words when they held their hand in ice-water experienced significantly less pain than the control group that remained silent. Go ahead, express yourself! It feels good, and can help improve your health.
  3. Keep Growing: It was Carl Jung who reminded us that, “The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved but only outgrown.” So, to save time and money and improve your health, never assume you are the same person today that you will be tomorrow. Tomorrow’s you may not have the same use for today’s problems, so it’s a good idea to keep growing.

Ok, so there are my top 3 shortcuts to improving your health (and therefore saving time and money by avoiding poor health) in 2013. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or post comments to add to this list, it’s for you to use. Here is one bonus tip, just because I’m feeling like I’m on a roll:

  •  Follow Your Dreams: Ever wonder why the most successful people are always going on about how it was so important that they never gave up on their dream, even when everyone around them told them it was impossible? Maybe it’s because it is, important, that is. Through the study of dreams and the role they play in sleep, health, and everyday life, today we know how true this suggestion really is. Just think of what life would be like without dreaming, without fantasy, whimsy, or imagination. Not really worth living, right?! So, place more importance on all kinds of dreaming in 2013 to find more health and happiness.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my top 3 shortcuts and one bonus tip to better health and happiness in 2013. If you need any help with any of this (and more), please feel free to reach out. I’m building my practice on providing these kind of insightful shortcuts to my clients. I’m here to help you think bigger, express yourself, keep growing, and follow your dreams. Here’s to you! …and to your health and happiness! And here’s to the new world you will help to create by doing what only you can!


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Starting September Clients of ZebraPoints Will be Able to Order Their Herbal Formula Prescriptions Online

Simply by visiting this website and clicking on the “Virtual Dispensary” tab at the top of the homepage, clients will be able to order their prescription herbal formulas online themselves. ZebraPoints is partnering with Emerson Ecologics to offer you this new service. We are very excited to give our clients even more control over their course of treatment, and to make their herbal formula prescriptions more available to them anywhere, anytime.

“Emerson Ecologics carries the widest selection of Asian herbal formulas that I have seen in the US,” says Karma Lhundup, “I will be able to extend a real lifeline to my clients this way. This will streamline the process, increase the speed of delivery, and assure that my clients to have access to a sustainable supply the herbal formulas they need.”

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Acupuncture news in Afghanistan

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal called, “Can Needles Soothe Wounded Warriors?
Military doctors in Afghanistan are using acupuncture to treat brain injuries, with promising results

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PatientsLikeMe: Empowering patients everywhere

If you are interested in taking more control over your health care you will want to consider joining this amazing community sharing and analyzing enormous amounts of data from 100,000 members who are all patients. Learn what is working for others with conditions like yours. What do you think about PatientsLikeMe?

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Check out my new site on

This is a great idea, what do you think? Anyone can schedule, purchase, and review my services. Click on my picture below to go to my site on, and please let me know what you think. Would you ever use this kind of app?

Karma Lhundup
Betterist in:

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Attending Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine annual lectureship

Keynote by David Jones, MD

The topic is “Personalized Medicine: Creating a Healing Partnership”

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A Consumate Professional

Last week I referred a client of mine to another acupuncturist for a second opinion. I called on speakerphone with my client in the room, and was able to schedule him for a couple days later. The other acupuncturist is Ivan Cheng from Meridian Therapeutics. I faxed over my referral and some notes to his office, waved my fee to my client for his current visit with me, and waited to hear back. The day of my client’s visit with Ivan, I received a FAX with Ivan’s chart notes detailing his findings and recommendations and was very pleased with what I found. Not only did Ivan provide me with excellent notes that showed his complete grasp of Asian medical theory and medical charting, but he also revealed to me that he is a consumate professional. He suggested a very sensible revision to my treatment plan with specific acupuncture points and herbal strategy, and referred the client back to me for follow-up as his primary acupuncturist. Now, to me that is good care! I want to celebrate that kind of collaboration and commitment to continuity of care — thank you, Ivan! Learn more about Ivan and Meridian Therapeutics.

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