Imagine a cold and flu season without colds or flu!

A cold and flu season without colds and flu is possible, thanks to a great preventative Asian medicine herbal formula.

If you would like to learn more about Asian medicine’s approach to immune support, you may want to read “Healing Immune Disorders: Natural Defense-Building Solutions” by Andrew Gaeddert, herbalist, founder of Health Concerns and the creator of the formula, Astra-C. Buy Andrew Gaeddert’s  book by clicking the Amazon link below.

Healing Immune Disorders: Natural Defense-Building Solutions

Asian medicine provides several excellent solutions for you this cold and flu season. In this post I would like to introduce you to an herbal formula that can help prevent colds and flu. The main active ingredient is the plant Astragalus and the traditional formula is called, “Jade Windscreen” for its protective shielding qualities. At ZebraPoints, I have decided to recommend a formula called “Astra C“, which is a variation of this traditional formula with the addition of Vitamin-C and Zinc, two well known Western immune-boosters. Since this formula is only available with a prescription from an Asian medicine practitioner, I have decided to offer subscribers to my blog a complementary phone-consultation to ensure that this formula is right for you. I can then send you a link to my virtual dispensary along with the passcode you will need to purchase it. However, you will need to act now, I am only offering this deal until the end of next week, Friday the 18th of this month.

Please call 503-523-2467 to schedule your free phone consultation and take action now to prevent colds and flu this season.



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