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Remedy for bronchitis

This Spring in the Northwest, many people are suffering from a dry cough and bronchial infection that drags on for weeks. I caught it myself recently. After one dose of this herbal formula containing Pinellia, my cough stopped and has not returned.



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PatientsLikeMe: Empowering patients everywhere

If you are interested in taking more control over your health care you will want to consider joining this amazing community sharing and analyzing enormous amounts of data from 100,000 members who are all patients. Learn what is working for others with conditions like yours. What do you think about PatientsLikeMe?

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What do you think about QR Codes?

Once you notice them they are everywhere. I created a pretty one with rounded corners after I read a Mashable article about how to make them more beautiful. You scan these bar-code-like-codes on printed paper with smartphone apps using the phone’s camera and you are connected to the URL via the browser on your mobile device. have a nice app for this. I can now print this on anything and anyone with a smartphone can immediately be connected to my website, hence the “Quick Response” that the “QR” in QR codes stands for. What do you think about QR codes?

Click here to see an example of a QR code in a ZebraPoints sales sheet

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Check out my new site on

This is a great idea, what do you think? Anyone can schedule, purchase, and review my services. Click on my picture below to go to my site on, and please let me know what you think. Would you ever use this kind of app?

Karma Lhundup
Betterist in:

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Attending Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine annual lectureship

Keynote by David Jones, MD

The topic is “Personalized Medicine: Creating a Healing Partnership”

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A Consumate Professional

Last week I referred a client of mine to another acupuncturist for a second¬†opinion. I called on speakerphone with my client in the room, and was able to schedule him for a couple days later. The other acupuncturist is Ivan Cheng from Meridian Therapeutics. I faxed over my referral and some notes to his office, waved my fee to my client for his current visit with me, and waited to hear back. The day of my client’s visit with Ivan, I received a FAX with Ivan’s chart notes detailing his findings and recommendations and was very pleased with what I found. Not only did Ivan provide me with excellent notes that showed his complete grasp of Asian medical theory and medical charting, but he also revealed to me that he is a consumate professional. He suggested a very sensible revision to my treatment plan with specific acupuncture points and herbal strategy, and referred the client back to me for follow-up as his primary acupuncturist. Now, to me that is good care! I want to celebrate that kind of collaboration and commitment to continuity of care — thank you, Ivan! Learn more about Ivan and Meridian Therapeutics.

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