The Savannas of Africa on the Shores of my Mind

Just goes to show that when you go deeply into something with an open mind, the rewards are great! I invited a fellow health practitioner to share my office a couple days a week to lower my overhead. I offered to create some marketing with her and set her up with a website as part of the deal. She said she was best at treating Whiplash auto accident cases, so I suggested she create a clinic just for that. We tossed around ideas and I soon found myself really focusing on it, staying up most of the night last night following my intuition and researching how best to present her message. Here is the logo I came up with:

I think I was with another client and we were talking about this last week or the week before, and the idea popped up to use the image of the Giraffe for the logo — obviously because of the long neck fit so well with the whole whiplash concept, but also because it would go well with the Zebra in ZebraPoints. So I started googling “Giraffe”, and was soon engrossed in learning about the Giraffe and its habitat. My research soon led me to some amazing discoveries that I will share with you shortly.

For now let me introduce Misty Leonard and the ThornTree Whiplash Clinic, treating auto accident whiplash injuries with massage therapy — now sharing the offices with ZebraPoints at 2912 Main Street, Suite 3, Vancouver, Washington.


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