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Stories and Dreams

I’ll be at the Village Pearl in Vancouver today from 1 to 3pm — talking about stories, dreams, and what they mean for our health and future. Join me if you can!

The Village Pearl

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Location:Village Pearl in Vancouver


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Best Practices



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Getting off the line of attack



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Thorn Tree Clinic logo hot off the press!

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Old School Japanese Myrrh Plasters to treat injuries.

I found these at the Goodwill today, checked them out on the internet, and the company has changed name and product. The only return on the Shikajirushi name is an Anime character by that name. I wonder what that mythology is all about…

I won’t have the time to get into that, but the little illunimated Deer in the upper left is a relative of the Giraffe, and he is mighty interesting. The picture here is adequately good resolution to merit a closer look if you can zoom in.

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Wonderful work in Zimbabwe, desertification is being reversed!

I follow TED talks and this caught my attention — because of the African focus of my dreaming! — I noticed this wonderful promise¬† by the Savory Institute. I want to donate 2% of all proceeds of the ZebraPoints clinic to this newly energized, creative imagination for the whole planet. What do you think about this? Please comment and join me in this conversation…

The Savory Institute, and Allan Savory:

Desertification Explained Simply by Allan Savory

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Giraffe’s food is good medicine for Whiplash

Who would have thought that Giraffe food would be medicine for Whiplash? Surprise, it is! The Giraffe’s leathery tongue enables her to eat her preferred diet from the prickly trees of the Acacia, Commiphora and Terminalia. These trees are commonly called Thorn trees, and have long been recognized by traditional cultures for their medicinal properties. In fact, the Commiphora is the main source of Myrrh, which is a principle ingredient of a Chinese herbal formula that I prescribe for Whiplash and other traumatic injuries.

According to Wikipedia, "Commiphora myrrha tree, one of the primary trees from which myrrh is harvested."

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