Tintin in Tibet

According to some accounts Herge, the author and illustrator of the Tintin series, was suffering from a debilitating depression half-way through the Tintin in Tibet graphic novel, it is widely recognized as some of his finest work. He was living in German-occupied Belgium during the 2nd World War, and traveled to seek the help of none other than Carl Jung in Zurich, Switzerland. After their initial consultation, Jung told Herge that he could not help him and suggested only that he return home and complete his work, Tintin in Tibet. He did and he recovered from his depression. I have this poster hanging in my office, as I have a personal fondness and connection to Tibet (unless you could not tell from my name) and for the Tintin books.

Using Jungian, symbolic interpretation, the Yeti could stand for Herge’s depression and/or the emergence of an archetypal power from the unconscious. From my perspective, following the footsteps of the Yeti in the vast wilderness of the himalayas — like on the cover and the poster — is like tracking the development of body symptoms back to their origins.

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